Stephanie Malench (SM): This is Stephanie Malench and I am here with Nick McFaron (NF) and Isidro Verdia (IV) co-owners of Keep Dry Roofing. I am going to let them take it away.

NF: “We started the company back in 2021. We have an A- rating with the BBB because we have not been in business for five years. We do roofing…

IV: Siding, gutters, pretty much the whole shell of the house and we’ve been in the industry for about 15 years.”

SM: What made you decide to start Keep Dry Roofing on your own?

IV: “We pretty much just got tired of all the subcontracting or all the bigger roofing companies deciding what to do. WE figured out we could do our own thing and make it better than what they’re doing.”

NF: “So a lot of your bigger companies are what we call a paper contractor. What a paper contractor is  they sign a contract with you, but then they just sub all the work to another company. The company that they subbed all that work to was always us. So instead of us going and doing other people’s work like the larger companies in the area and putting their name on it at the end of the day for our workmanship, we decided that we could pay for the advertisement. We could meet with the homeowners and actually give them a better price with that quality of work. It’s just doing it ourselves rather than going through a third party like a bigger company.” 

SM: Where are you located and why did you choose that location? What areas do you serve?

IV: “We are located in Maryland Heights and we pretty much chose it because it’s central to everywhere we wanna go. We serve from St. Louis to Wright City to Troy to Moscow Mills, all the way down to DeSoto, Farmington. We got pretty good coverage of the St. Louis area.”

SM: And you are only licensed in Missouri or are you licensed for Illinois? I know Missouri doesn’t require licensing, but Illinois does.

NF: “We are currently only licensed in Missouri right now. We are not licensed for Illinois currently.”

SM: What sets you apart from the competition?

NF: “Again, like I said, unlike the larger companies we do not subcontract out our work. Our warranties are our own. We give a lifetime workmanship warranty with our work because it is our work, it is our laborers actually doing it. We don’t have to rely on calling another company to warranty our work for us. We have in house repair guys to come out and to give final inspections of all the work as well. Just to make sure everything is tip top.”

SM: Do you have preferred shingles you use like Owens Corning?

NF: “Yes, we are Owens Corning preferred and we are Mule Hide certified. Mule Hide is a TPO flat roof material.”

SM: Do you work with insurance companies?

NF: “Yes, we will work directly with the insurance companies, like all your big ones AAA, State Farm, Progressive, SafeCo, everybody.”

SM: What is your most popular item? Do you do more roofing, siding, soffits, fascia?

NF: “Roofing makes up about 75% of our business.”

SM: Do you have any closing comments?

NF: “If you want a quality roof, call Keep Dry Roofing.”

SM: How do people get a hold of you?

NF: “If you could just give us a call at (636)409-0102… 

IV: Or you can look us up on Facebook at Keep Dry Roofing. Also, we are on Google and the Better Business Bureau.”

SM: Thank you very much.

NF, IV: “Thank you.”