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Strange question, I know! I can’t count how many times we receive a call from someone who had a new roof installed and now needs roof repairs St. Louis MO. Many roofing contractors are in the area. Some of them are not experts. Some people have told us that their contractor left the job unfinished, and they now need roofing repair in St. Louis MO. Keep Dry Roofing LLC can help you complete the project that others left unfinished.

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I spoke to a woman who was upset because her contractor had left without finishing the job. She had paid the contractor up front to cover the start-up costs, but he never finished the job! They simply disappeared. She was left with a half-finished product and no help. Do not trust anyone to install or fix your roof. Keep Dry Roofing LLC can help you with your St. Louis MO roofing projects. We will never leave a job unfinished. We will not ask for payment until the work is complete and the customer is satisfied with the results. Our St. Louis roofing expert is prepared to give you a list of possible options to repair your roof. We have licensed and insured specialists with over 10 years experience with Roof Repair St. Louis.

Keep Dry Roofing LLC, a highly reputable contractor in the roofing industry, can repair any roofing issue. Since July 27, 2022, they have been accredited by Better Business Bureau. This accreditation means that they adhere to high standards of honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency.

Are you tired of dealing with leaks, missing shingles, or other issues with your residential roof?

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Roof repair is a multi-step process that involves careful inspection, planning, and execution to ensure the longevity and durability of the roof. Here is a generalized sequence of steps involved in roof repair:

Initial Inspection

The process begins with a thorough inspection of the roof to identify any problems. This includes looking for signs of damage like missing or cracked shingles, leaks, mold, or water stains.


After the inspection, the contractor will provide an estimate for the repair. This will cover the cost of labor, materials, and any other expenses related to the repair.


Before the repair work begins, the area needs to be prepared. This includes moving any furniture or items that might be in the way and setting up safety measures.


The actual repair process can vary depending on the type of damage. For minor repairs, such as replacing a few missing shingles, the damaged shingles are removed and replaced with new ones. For more extensive damage, larger sections of the roof may need to be replaced.


After the repair work is done, there is usually some cleanup involved. This includes removing any debris from the roof and surrounding area, and ensuring that no nails or other materials are left behind.

Final Inspection

The contractor will conduct a final inspection to ensure that the repair work has been done correctly and that there are no other potential issues. They will also provide advice on how to maintain the roof and prevent future damage.

Remember, the specifics of this process can vary depending on the roofing contractor you decide to go with and the nature of the roof damage. Always ensure you’re working with a reputable, licensed contractor who provides a detailed estimate and contract before the work begins.  At Keep Dry Roofing LLC we recognize how important it can be to get multiple bids for your project.  We hope that you will call us to give you a competitive bid for your roof repair St. Louis MO project!